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Patients oral health is important to us, which is why we offer general and operative dentistry services. We promote oral health by providing clients with concrete and helpful tips for the preservation and improvement of their pet's teeth. Proper brushing of the teeth and specially designed food are topics shared to our customers. Periodontal disease or other medical conditions may however require surgery, i.e. dentistry. In these procedures, we combine the oral exam with the dental x-rays to ensure we’re not leaving the required care to chance. Our digital dental X-ray machine allows us to precisely locate faults in the patient's mouth and to fix them safely and confidently.


Dentistry consists of providing the animal with surgical and preventive care, such as complete evaluation of the mouth, dental X-rays, extraction of the teeth if necessary and deep scaling and polishing. The animal is under general anesthesia during this time and receives intravenous fluids promoting a stable blood pressure and optimal metabolic functions. Vital signs are monitored throughout the procedure by the surgical team consisting of a veterinarian and two animal health technicians.

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