Is your pet suffering? Is his condition worrying you?

Certain conditions, like in humans, need to be treated quickly. We reserve time slots during the day so we may take our patients with an emergency within a reasonable time. Our experienced veterinarians with their team of graduated technicians, are able to treat most emergencies.

Our vets will not hesitate to refer your pet to a specialists where specialized medical care is required; certain conditions require veterinary supervision continuously (24hrs), major surgery, or require a referral to a specialist (emergency physician, radiologist, a specialist in internal medicine, ophthalmologist). Your veterinarian will take the necessary steps to ensure your animal can be safely transported by you to an emergency hospital and with minimal delay.

In case of an emergency outside our business hours, please contact:

Animal Emergency Ottawa-Carleton
1155 rue Lola, Ottawa

Alta Vista Animal Hospital
2616 rue Bank, Ottawa